stop or save the wealth addicts
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David Russell Talbott


Roberto Ferri

“Something is dying in our time. As the nation struggles to recover from unsustainable personal and national debt, stagnant wages, the damages wrought by climate change, and more, a whole way of life is drawing to a close.”

The Economy: Under New Ownership by Marjorie Kelly — YES! Magazine

las infamosas patio sessions. sin elegir, sin editar.

“The new economy is all about innovation, which depends on maximizing interaction, not consumption.”

- Tom Fisher at How Cities Can Be Designed to Help—or Hinder—Sharing by Jay Walljasper — YES! Magazine



ok after i reblogged that last post i had to go download some of Jolipunk's photography to post on my blog

i love the ‘Fucking Tourists!’ series with. a. passion.

here for this

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aqui se cruzan ustedes, con lo que me cruzo yo por la web.
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